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KC Illustrations, Kraft Klub


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KC Illustrations, Kraft Klub

Wednesday 15 March 2017

What a lovely evening! Never done anything remotely ‘teachery’ before so wasn’t quite sure if I was up to the job, I think (I hope) everyone got something out of it…!! It was a session using black fine liner on white paper and the 11 Kraft Klubbers had the choice of drawing either a building or a street scene (both photos taken in Stamford). I did a short demo to begin with, showing them how I approach a large illustration without using a pencil or ruler to sketch out the layout first. To achieve an effect like my illustrations, it’s all about having confidence in your pen lines, not worrying about perspective or getting everything in exactly the right place and really looking at the details, picking out the interesting bits in a building and emphasising them. I always start in the bottom left hand corner and work outwards rather than drawing the whole outline first and filling it in. Creating your own style of illustration isn’t about accuracy and getting a photo finish, it’s about your own interpretation. Drawing going off the page? Doesn’t matter. Huge lamppost next to a tiny house? Doesn’t matter. Giant bicycle tyres and a tiny person riding it? Does’t matter. All these things add character and it is the character of a drawing, helping it tell a story on the page, which is the difference between a piece of fine art and an illustration*.
3 hours later and look at these results! So lovely to see everyone embracing free hand illustration and putting their own spin on it. Going to have to be careful I don’t get nudged out of business…!!

*I have no idea if this is the actual definition. I doubt it is. But that, to me, is the difference between looking at say a sketch by Degas and a sketch by Quentin Blake.