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Thursday 20 April 2017


Hello! I do hope you had a lovely Easter and have successfully emerged from your creme egg coma. My sister was the chocolate queen this year, making a chocolate cake out of the entire sweet isle of the village shop finished off the next day with homemade nutella pancakes made from melted down Easter eggs. Even the children wanted to eat salad for the rest of the weekend.

Moving away from sugar related topics, things here in colouring in HQ have have been plodding along very nicely! Here is a quick round up of the bits n bobs keeping me on my toes this month:

1. House Move
First in main news is that we (finally) moved house. We now officially live in Kings Cliffe, 10 mins from Stamford, in a house which is simultaneously very much finished and very much not. For example, I have created a full on Moroccan corner in the sitting room, complete with an ornate hanging lamp, candles, plants and cushions but we don’t yet have a kitchen or bathroom floor. Or anywhere to hang clothes. Or curtains.
Priorities, right?

Here is my Moroccan corner, complete with some of the World Collection (shameless plug):

2. Pulse, London.
Very excited (and REALLY nervous) that this May I will be exhibiting at Pulse trade show at Olympia. This is a retail show to get your work in front of shops and interior designers. It’s a new direction for me and a big step, but hopefully one that works well and gets my illustrations, lampshades, wallpaper and cards in front lots of lovely retailers.
I just need to remember to breathe…

News after the news:

1. I made a salmon and chilli sauce sandwich for lunch today and it was excellent.

2. I am hosting another Kraft Klub intro to illustration evening at Snow Designs in Stamford next month. I really enjoyed the session I ran last month and it was so great to see people’s interpretations of Stamford scenes – please visit the website for more details:

KraftKlub Stamford

Here are some of the results from the last session:

3. I am fully booked up for commissions until end of July so now taking commisions for August onwards. You’re going to hate me for bringing this up but please please please don’t leave it too late for Christmas. Last year I was booked up by July for Christmas so if you know you would like one, whizz me an email and I will get send you the details and get you booked in:
I will post the info/sizes/prices form below so take a look if you are interested in having one of your own!

4. The new World Collection has been received very well!
I have now expanded it to larger sizes too – A4 and A3. Go take a look, they make the perfect present for travel bugs:

5. And finally, a random fact about my life. Agnes has developed a big crush on chickens and horses and talks about ‘cockerels’ as if this a normal thing for one year olds to be interested in. If this isn’t a sign that I need to get some chickens and a pony for her, I don’t know what else is. Weirdly, Jamie doesn’t agree. Working progress

6. Aaaaaaand finally, a lovely piece on wallpaper in this months Stamford Living, including some of mine!
Stamford, London Colour and London Monochrome wallpaper in stock and ready to look fabulous on your walls! Purchase on the website.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely month and as always, any queries about the commissions or products, please pop me an email or call!

Katie x

Recent commissions:

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