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Draw With Katie – ‘Buildings’

Join Katie for a remote Draw Your House Illustration Workshop!

Following on from Katie’s incredibly popular illustration workshops, normally held at the King’s Cliffe studio, we are excited to offer digital workshops so that you can take part from the comfort of your own home!

With Katie you will learn to illustrate using clear confident lines and produce a quirky and stylised drawing.

This workshop is most suited to people aged 16 and over and you do not need any prior experience!

Participants will be guided through the illustration process and will work on producing an illustration of either their own house or a building of their choice. We can also provide photos to work from in the accompanying Workshop Support Pack.

What to expect? The video itself lasts for approximately 30 minutes, but this does not include your drawing time. We would normally allow3 hours for our Illustration Workshops, including a 20 minute break for important tea, biscuits, wine etc. The 30 minute video includes a short introduction followed by a lesson from Katie, including a demonstration and Katie’s top secret tips for illustration!

Once purchased, you will be sent an email with the link. You can then download it and watch it as many times as you like!

After holding many workshops at the studio each and every person who has attended has produced a lovely illustration – with some easy and clear guidance you too will produce something lovely to be proud of!

Need to know: If you are planning to draw your own house you will need a photograph that shows the WHOLE building from the roof line all the way down to the ground and please make sure nothing is obstructing your view of the house. For an example of the type of photo required, see the last image in the gallery. Alternatively just use the photos included in the Workshop Support Pack.

We will be using fine liner pens and A3 cartridge paper. If you already have these at home that’s brilliant, otherwise we have created a Workshop Support Pack to make life easier, this includes 10 sheets of A3 cartridge drawing paper, 2 fine liner pens (the ones that Katie uses) and 2x A4 photographs to work from. We recommend you to buy the pack, but it’s not completely necessary.

This workshop is suited to people aged 16 and over.


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