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Monday 4 April 2016

Happy Spring to you!

The daffodils are out in my garden and we had a sunny (ruddy freezing) but SUNNY day at the beach on Sunday, so if you ask me, Spring is here and hooray to that because a mild, wet winter was not my favourite nor best. 

KC Illustrations has had a fab couple of months. I kicked off in February with a Royal visit to the Harrogate International Festivals launch party, opened by the lovely (first name terms now), Charles and Camilla. I was commisisoned to produce the official festival branding illustration and as a result, Agnes, Jamie and I got to have a chat with the Royal couple and present them with a framed copy of the illustration! La de dah, INDEED.

Aside from lots of lovely house, family and wedding commissions, KC Illustrations branched out into artist impressions for property illustrations last month… See my commercial page to view my artists impression for the new housing development just off the A1 at Wansford. I was drawing from architect plans rather than a photo but I think pulled it off (with a little help from Jamie with the perspective!!) The art deco houses can be viewed on the Tall House property Developers website.

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