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Why do Mothers need a day?

Monday 1 April 2019

Why do Mothers need a day? When you are young, your mum is YOUR mum – she may have her own stuff to do but that doesn’t come into it when you’re a kid, she’s there for you. Drop your pants on the floor? Mum will get it. Get shampoo in your eyes? Scream until mum sorts it out. Get hungry? Ask mum a gazillion times in the space of one minute until she makes you a snack. She literally is Super Woman. When you become a mum yourself, you realise that you have to be super woman PLUS run your own shit at the same time – you are Clark Kent who also has to negotiate Lidl at 6pm with a screaming 2 year old who won’t get off the floor unless you agree to part with £6.99 for a Hello Kitty magazine, which you know will cause another argument later when you ask the child to pick up the 445005 tiny plastic toys which are sellotaped to the front of it. Motherhood is beautiful and wonderful and magic – it is literally everything the movies and books describe – it’s unconditional waves of love, it’s raising and shaping a life, it’s staying up late in your jammies to watch movies – it’s life and love and happiness. It’s all of that but it is also other things. It is standing at the door desperately needing to leave for work while your child launches themselves on the floor because they have decided their £50 brand new shoes are ‘disgusting’. It’s washing sick out of hair and it’s giving up Saturdays to stand in village halls with other parents while the children throw glitter at each other and then demand a party bag. It’s buying ingredients and preparing balanced and nutritional meals which get tipped into the bin and it’s making the whole family eat fish fingers 3 nights in a row because it’s just so much easier. 
So yes, Mums deserve a clap on the back (I would prefer a massage at a very expensive spa but a clap will do). Cheers to us – here’s to being Super Woman, here’s to slogging through, here’s to beautiful moments and here’s to picking hair clips out of the loo. 
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